The Florissant Presbyterian Church Youth Group from Florissant, Missouri (15 miles out of St. Louis, Missouri) has assisted Christ's Table in 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2004. First coming in 1992 as a Habitat for Humanity project through Muskingum College, the youth group raises money to fund this adventure.

Debbie Galle, Youth Director, states, "The children spend hours giving service within their church, but service needs to go beyond the familiar. Ministering at Christ's Table builds character, integrity and leads to productive adults in society who are not self-involved, but have learned to share what they have with others. Christ's Table is a place where these young volunteers see that the people who visit this establishment are people - people who have not had the experiences that they have had. They do not form judgments. They see individuals who are mentally and physically challenged, young people who are their age with children, and people who are not employable. These young volunteers do not question why these individuals do not go out and get jobs, but see people in situations that they have not necessarily chosen to be in. The youth serve in a capacity of compassion and without judgments."


Participants were surveyed and asked the most important benefit from receiving Christís Table meals.

Some of their comments follow:

"My food stamps go further - this helps!"
"Can't afford proper nutrition."
"I am able to eat a hot meal without the worry of not being able to prepare it."
"Unable to go to the store."
"The meals help me from getting hungry."
"Don't have someone to cook for me."
"I get a hot balanced meal every day."
"Peace of mind."
"Staying in my own home."
"Keeps me from going hungry."
"At least I know I have something to eat that day!"
"Without I wouldn't eat lunch."
"Important to say hi to someone - always friendly."
"The efforts of an entire team with great response. The finished effort is so much more than just a meal."
"At the end of the month it is hard to have enough money left for food."

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